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School is the same no matter where you are.?



You got the nerds

The chipper retards

The cool unreachable kids

The Attention whores

The whores

And then there is you


That funny lovable one

The unfair bitch

And the weird teacher that no one likes aside from you


Those group projects that only lead to some teammate’s murder

That final paper you’ve been working on all year 

Those presentations that urges you to dig a hole somewhere and and die in it

Pet Peeves:

It’s either too hot or too cold…fucking weather! make up your mind!

When someone enjoys that one thing you really hate

When people like that fake bitch!

Somebody invaded your supposedly secret hideout


Well hi~! Welcome to my blog. ^^ My name's Niña.18 years old and a senior~ I quite enjoy music, dance, K-Pop, food, cute things, creepy things, randomness, etc. which is what this blog will mostly consist of. I'm friendly so if you ever wanna talk my ask box is always open! ^___^  Creeper(s)